Self-Publishing a Children’s Book 15: The Final Proof Arrives

Self-Publishing a Children’s Book 15: The Final Proof Arrives

The final proof of a picture book looks like the “real thing.” So, when “The Great PJ Elf Chase” arrived in the mail, it was our first glance at what the paperback version of our children’s picture book would look like. When I opened the package, a flood of emotions immediately rushed through me. Of course, Judy and I were on the phone in the next 5 minutes, sharing our sentiments and reactions. It was certainly a good feeling to be listed as authors on the cover of a book — a dream we’ve had for a long time.

First of all, we thought of our parents — they would be so happy to see this tradition that they created so many years ago come to life as a book. There was an overwhelming feeling of joy… yet there was also sadness at the same time, since they aren’t here to read the book. My guess is they’re smiling down from HeavenJ

Secondly, we felt a sense of pride that we had actually followed through and brought this project to fruition.

Of course, our worry-wart sides surfaced quickly also. “I wonder if our friends and family will like the book — or will they be disappointed?” “Will anyone want to buy this book?” “Is it big enough, or bright enough?”

Next, we scanned the book to see if there were errors or changes that we’d need to make. We found one grammatical error that we’d previously overlooked, even after scanning it many times. Believe it or not, it was on our “Dedication” page. I think we probably didn’t focus on editing that as much as the manuscript itself. We also thought that the white text in one stanza of the book was getting lost in the scenery. Honestly, we were so anxious to push the “approve this proof” button and get our book off to press, that we almost let those changes go! But we thought better of it because we knew it would bug us forever if the errors weren’t fixed. Anna and her team at CreateSpace made the modifications very quickly, as usual.

Our books should be arriving in the mail any day now. We’re anxious to send them to reviewers and to get our marketing campaign in full swing.

Yep, we’re authors.




  1. Hey nieces, congrats on your first of many children’s books. I may have to get one just so I will be up with “all the bodies.” I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with my book about submarines. Side-bar: I dropped a history class at OSUM one quarter b/c the Prof. wanted a ten page essay as part of the final. At the time I thought I cannot do a ten page essay . . . my book will be over 400 pages by the time I stop pounding the key-board. But I digress. As I fad into the evening mist I pass along a very sincere “Bravo Zulu!” to you both . . . what? Oh that means “Well Done” in navy parlance. “Hey to all the bodies!” UB sends

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