Self-Publishing a Children’s Picture Book 20: Hardcovers and CreateSpace Publishers

Self-Publishing a Children’s Picture Book 20: Hardcovers and CreateSpace Publishers

People who purchase children’s picture books often want hardcover editions because they make nice gifts and keepsakes. And, let’s face it — kids don’t always handle books with care, so a hardcover book holds up better than a paperback.  We kept that fact in mind as we searched for a publishing company for our children’s picture book, “The Great PJ Elf Chase.” We decided not to choose a publishing company unless they offered a hardcover option.

CreateSpace is the publishing company we selected, and although they do offer a hardcover edition, it seems to be their best-kept secret. We found out through phone calls and a thorough investigation. The drawback is that only the author can order hardcover copies from CreateSpace. They don’t put the hardcover option on Amazon or in expanded distribution, as they do with paperbacks and kindle versions. Rumor has it that might change — I sure hope it does, because it would be much easier to have other sales options with our hardcover books. We’re holding out hope.

Since we have our own website, we were able to work around the issue. We just sell our hardcover books on our website. We also take them, along with paperbacks, to venues, such as school visits and trade shows.

We are happy with the quality of the hardcover book from CreateSpace. We put it up against several other traditionally-published children’s books, and it fares well. The book title and author’s name typically have to be printed on the binding of a book before it’s placed in a bookstore. CreateSpace does that for hardcover books, as you can see in this image.  They also issue an ISBN number.

Hardcover books are considerably expensive at CreateSpace compared to paperbacks. We had to pay a one-time setup fee of approximately $100 to have our book printed in hardcover version. We have a 40-page full color 8 x 10 inch book with 18 full illustrations and artwork on every page. Our paperback is shipped to our door for about $4.50, including shipping, but the hardcover version is about $13.50 with shipping.

All in all, we’re excited to see our book in print in hardcover!


  1. Could you tell me more about the quality of this book? I would like to do a color book with images of my art. I had heard that CS did not do glossy interior pages and that quality was lower than books done with other web printers such as The problem is that Blurb and others are super expensive.


  2. Thank you for sharing your experience! May I ask if you illustrated your book, or hired an illustrator; or if CreateSpace has an option to hire an illustrator? I’m in the final phases of my first children’s book, lacking of course, the illustrations.
    God bless!

    • Hi Anne Marie,
      Thanks for reading our blog:) We did not illustrate our own book. Lorena Soriano illustrated it. At the time we published, CreateSpace employed a group of illustrators, and we were able to choose one that we felt would be a good fit. Unfortunately, I believe they have discontinued that service. Good luck with your book!

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