Changes at CreateSpace Publishing Company That Might Affect You

Changes at CreateSpace Publishing Company That Might Affect You

As Adele says, “Rumour has it….”. We heard the rumor that CreateSpace was no longer offering their illustration service. Since that would be disappointing news to many children’s picture book authors, we went to the source. Unfortunately, a senior publishing consultant with CreateSpace verified that rumor.

She said, “We discontinued some services this summer in order to streamline what we offer and make it a bit more efficient for our authors and our team. For example, we discontinued the illustration service as well as the children’s book design services.”

She did say CreateSpace can still design interior books that “aren’t necessarily children’s books” and that include up to 30 interior images along with editing services and cover design service.

The book we are writing now is a middle-grade book, so CreateSpace can still design the interior and we can provide the illustrations after working with our chosen illustrator. ­­­­We are lucky enough to have connected already with a great illustrator.

We wanted to pass this on to our readers, as it looks like authors who were depending on choosing an illustrator through CreateSpace will be looking elsewhere.







  1. Yikes! This is surprising and unfortunate news for a lot of indie authors. Thanks for sharing this information. I’ll pass it along. I hope you ladies are enjoying a nice spike in your holiday book sales! As always, I wish you all the best.

    Michelle Eastman (aka Legend of Dust Bunnies)

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