Start a Family Tradition: 25 Days of Christmas Books in December

lucy with bookReading and family traditions — what a great mix! We all know that children begin to get excited about the Christmas holiday long before Santa makes his entrance or the birth of Jesus is celebrated. So…this Christmas, start the tradition of reading a holiday book with your children each night before bedtime. But first, decide how you’ll amp up the fun.

The Set-Up

Wrap 25 Christmas books before December 1st. Display the books in a special way. You could stack them next to a holiday blanket or decoration, arrange them from largest to smallest in the shape of a Christmas tree or place them in a wicker basket lined with red or green cloth — your imagination is the only limit.

The Books

Buying 25 books is always an option, but it might break the bank if you try to do it all in one season. Mix in a few books from your childhood for a nostalgic touch. Check out books from the library. Scour garage sales and thrift outlets for books in good condition. Don’t think they won’t love opening books that are from previous years. Remember….these books have been under wraps for several months and will include some of their all-time favorites. Of course, you’ll want to make sure “The Great PJ Elf Chase: A Christmas Eve Tradition” is on the book list!

The Process

Once they have pajamas on and are ready to head to bed each evening, your children will choose one book from the display to unwrap and read. If you have more than one child, and you’d rather avoid disagreements (even though I know your children don’t argue), let them take turns making the choice. This tradition becomes even more special when you pair it with a treat, such as inviting Grandma or Grandpa for a reading, drinking hot cocoa, eating a bowl of popcorn or cuddling under a warm blanket. After a book is unwrapped, the children can enjoy reading it over and over till December 25th and beyond.

Your children will cherish this tradition and probably hand it down to future generations. What’s not to love about that?







  1. Karen Navarra :

    Karen, I am Karen Myer best friends with your cousin Debbie Miksza. I will be purchasing this book for my grandchildren Madison Huston who will be 5 on Christmas Eve and Brayden Huston who is just 2 months old. This book sounds just wonderful. It would be great to have it signed.

    Best wishes
    Karen Navarra

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