indieBRAG Blog Hop!Turning a Cherished Family Tradition into a Children’s Christmas Picture Book

indieBRAG Blog Hop!Turning a Cherished Family Tradition into a Children’s Christmas Picture Book

We’re glad you joined us on the indieBRAG Blog Hop! We’re honored to participate.

Family traditions that are handed down through the years are special to any family — and ours is no exception. As a matter of fact, we are sisters, and we based our children’s picture book, “The Great PJ Elf Chase: A Christmas Eve Tradition,” on an endeared custom our parents started many years ago. The annual ritual of elusive elves dropping brand new pajamas outside the bathroom door on Christmas Eve without being seen or caught was exciting for us when we were kids. The anticipation of the elves’ visit still enchants children not only in our immediate family but in the families of our friends and relatives.

One of our nephews took the challenge of catching a PJ elf to extremes. This particular year, he was determined those elves would not get away! To his parents’ horror, when he heard the “elf squeaks” outside the bathroom door, he jumped from the tub and charged out of the house into the cold weather — stark naked! (Don’t worry…the character in our book wears a towelJ. There have been many giggles in our family through the years as we reminisce about Al’s escapade that Christmas Eve.

So we thought, “Why not write the story? We embarked on a mission of our own — to write a children’s picture book. Another important part of our motivation was honoring our loving and creative parents, who made sure Christmas in our home was always special and based on the amount of fun we had rather than the number of gifts.

Since this was our first picture book, we had no idea how challenging it would get. We knew the story, but we had to find a publisher and an illustrator. In our many, many drafts, we went from writing in prose to rhyme. We’d be rich if we had a dollar for each of the changes we made! We’ve learned a lot along the way, and we enjoyed every minute. You can read about the journey in our blog.

We’re working on another story now — no pictures this time — it’s a middle-grade book. Our advice to those who have stories of their own to tell would be to just go for it! You never know who you might delight and entertain.

The next stop on the indieBRAG Christmas Blog Hop is on December 6th with David Penny.



  1. Such a sweet story. Brings back all the memories of what we had to do for our own kids to boost the magic of Christmas. Best yet is still the snowy night I spent outside drawing Santa’s sleigh runners from the top of the garden to the bottom, and then there was Rudolph’s hooves and the pieces of carrot he had not quite finished. Christmas is such a magical time.

  2. what a wonderful idea!

  3. Very sweet story.


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