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The Great PJ Elf Chase: A Christmas Eve Tradition by Judy Voigt and Karen LoBello is an endearing story for small kids with Christmas as the backdrop. The Christmas Eve tradition at the Taylor household is that when the boys go to take their baths, the PJ elves drop new pyjamas outside the bathroom door. The elves are smart and quick so that they are not caught. Will the Taylor brothers manage to catch them this time or will the elves give them a slip this time, too? Join in and savor the fun of a Christmas Eve tradition with the Taylor boys and the elves.

The story captures the essence and colors of the Christmas season beautifully. The illustrations give wonderful support to the story. They are colorful and bright, giving movement and life to the characters and the events. It is hilarious to read about Ben and Jack trying to chase the PJ elves along with McGee. The fun moments are those when Ben loses his towel while trying to chase the elves. Kids will love the colors, the humor and the story. The book will make a good bedtime story book and can be used for story telling sessions in class rooms. The rhyming verses are very effective in conveying the tale to kids.

The book is an entertaining read for children and it will capture their attention with the illustrations and the characters. The pop-up quiz at the end of the book makes it very interesting for kids.

In this picture book, two boys plan to catch Santa’s elves on Christmas Eve when they deliver new sets of pajamas.

Santa’s elves are on a mission to give all the good children of the world not toys, as one might expect, but new pairs of pajamas. Through the use of a magical crystal ball, Santa’s elves check to make sure children are taking their baths on Christmas Eve, and then they leave a brand new set of pajamas just outside the bathroom door. But brothers Jack and Ben are determined to finally catch an elf. They concoct a daring plan to capture one through traps and a net, luring it with cheese and using their dog as a lookout. However, the boys prove no match for the mischievous elves, who cause quite the mess—squeezing out toothpaste and hair gel and ransacking bedrooms. Ben eventually runs outside in the cold wearing only a towel, which he promptly loses. Luckily, his brother is there to return it.

The story is written using a simple rhyming structure, which adds a musical touch: “This Christmas Eve gift / is amazing, that’s true. / But the boys know what’s / coming: Elf hullabaloo!” Colorful illustrations vividly bring the action to life through detailed characters and elaborate backgrounds. The elves, hidden on all the pages (at the end of the book, the authors ask readers to count all the elves they’ve spotted), have playful, impish smiles, and where text appears, touches of red and green and holiday decorations adorn the pages. …

A magical, wholesome Christmas read.


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Read what others are saying about “The Great PJ Elf Chase.”

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